Welcome to Property Acquisitions and Leasing!

UNCG Property Acquisition and Leasing is a function of Business Affairs committed to attaining the property and building space needed to fulfill the University’s growth and expansion needs in support of its Strategic Directions and Cornerstones.

Need Additional Space on Campus?

If your office or department needs additional space for your operations, the appropriate Dean or Director’s Office from your division should contact UNCG’s Office of Space Management.

The Office of Space Management will assist you in determining your space needs and locating space on campus if it is available. If the determination is made that space is not available on campus, the Office of Space Management will certify from the Provost or appropriate Vice-Chancellor that funding is available to support the cost of an off-campus lease.

When funding is certified, you will be referred back to Property Acquisition & Leasing where our office will assist you in finding appropriate leased space off campus.